Primary Reason to Vote

New York State residents will go to the polls Tuesday to vote in a Democratic party primary election that in many cases will make a general election in November a moot point.

Here in New York City, voters will determine the general election challenger for Mayor, but in this heavily-Democratic city, all but settle the races for Public Advocate, Comptroller, most city council seats and Borough Presidents offices. Manhattan residents also get to decide who will replace District Attorney Robert Morganthau, who is retiring at age 90.

While turnout is not expected to be high, competition for the seats has been fierce, particularly in recent weeks, with television commercials in the Public Advocate race turning particularly nasty.

I have a vested interested in the primary race for Mayor, and give my endorsements to these others who I feel can also best serve New York City.


Bill Thompson for Mayor
NY Times endorsement

Bill de Blasio for Public Advocate
NY Times endorsement

John Liu for Comptroller
List of endorsements

Richard Aborn for Manhattan District Attorney
List of endorsements

Voter Resources

WNBC Video Voter Guide
NYC Poll Site Locator

Upstate, in Albany, another Democratic stronghold were I lived for 11 years, voters have a chance to pick a new mayor and turn out a 16 year incumbent. City Councilman Corey Ellis who has been backed by the Working Families Party, if elected would become that city’s first African American mayor. He has my support.

Corey Ellis for Mayor of Albany
Metroland endorsement

Voter Resources

Albany County Board of Elections