Who killed Rashawn Brazell?


Around 3:00 a.m. on February 17, 2005, New York City transit workers found two suspicious bags alongside the track at the Nostrand Avenue station in Brooklyn. They contained body parts of 19 year old Rashawn Brazell.

The first 72 hours of a murder investigation are the most important, police will tell you, because evidence is fresh, memories still vivid and odds are favorable that clues will result in someone’s arrest. Beyond that, the chances diminish precipitously.

It is now three years later and one of the most gruesome crimes New York City history remains unsolved. The trail is growing cold.

Someone, somewhere, knows something. Keep Rashawn’s memory alive and the hope for closure a possibility.

The case
Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund


#1 taylorsiluwe on 02.19.08 at 1:03 pm

AMen Bernie.

THis case is close to all of our hearts. Rashawn’s killer will never have an peace until we know the truth. We will never let this go.

We’ll keep talking about it, writing about it, probing and investigating similar murders, all in the hopes of rooting out the culprit.

Someone knows something. He may even be reading this.

#2 Eric J. parker on 02.20.08 at 3:46 pm

I believe that the more we write and conspire about it and keep it in the media that we will find who did this and Rashawn’s parent can finally rest witht he culprit at hand.

Thanks for all of you advice that u have given me and i would love to meet you and thank you for it… I will take upon your advice. It’s not the first time it was mention to me.

Thanks again and i love your writing.
Eric J. Parker
NYC Socialites*

#3 L on 02.22.08 at 5:03 pm

I literally have tears coming down my eyes. Everytime aI see a posting about Rashawn I get emotion and it has been how many years? I am confounded. Are there no video surveillance in the subways. I think I get MORE angry every time I am reminded of this case. That killer must have committed suicide, who could live with them self? That person is not HUMAN. To think no massive media coverage for such a large city like NYC is media bias to the hilts.

#4 Sandi on 06.13.09 at 11:55 pm

When i first heard this story about rashawn brazell. I was in tears. How can someone take a human’s life in this manner. I hope rashawn’s killer is caught. Its been 4 yrs. Rashawn’s mother deserves justice for her son. I will continue to say prayers.

#5 Eric on 12.28.09 at 8:39 pm

I feel that this is unforgivable. The thought makes me sick because of what happened. He was almost the same age as I am now and yet his life was taken away from him not so far from me. Just hearing about what he did with his life makes me wonder if a person who met him could have done such a thing. He died in a way no one ever should,
Rashawn R.I.P.

#6 Reggie on 03.09.10 at 1:12 am

1. Re: Rashawn Brazzell.
Note: Before reading I’m will try my best to remember how the conversation went.
I was riding on the A TRAIN Yesterday thru Brooklyn March 7, 2010. Across from me sat to young gentlemen who had to be at least 23 to 24. I will call them A & B They were confabulating amongst themselves and I overheard them both say how much they missed their buddy Rashawn Brazell. As the Conversation continues, it became more in detail to what exactly had happened to Rashawn, and who had done it.
Rashawn and his two friends A and B took the L Train into NYC and got off on 14th St. they were all on there way to Christopher St, to hang out and have a goodtime. As they journey across 14th St to descend onto 7th Avenue, Two guys from Newark, NJ, had approached them all for sex in front of the Salvation Army. I will call them C & D…. A said he remembered telling Rashawn to ignore those guys and lets head on down to Christopher St. Rashawn Continue to engage in a friendly conversation, with C and exchanged Cell phone numbers and agreed to meet up another time.

On the Pier on Christopher St, Rashawn told A that C wants to get a Hotel Room and Hookup on Valentines day….C came to Rashawn house to meet him before he went to get his taxes done…A said Rashawn call him later that day crying on the phone and he said he kept asking rashawn what’s wrong……..Rashawn said him and C went to get the Room but its a setup….Rashawn said there are 2 other dudes in the room….D and another young dude who had on a transit Uniform…….Rashawn said they Rape him twice and he’s scared……..A then said he could here someone in the background yelling at him then Rashawn’s Cell Phone goes dead, and he never heard back from rashawn again. A then said whenever he would call his cell phone it went into voicemail
A said the next day…….He ran into C & D at the pier on Christopher St the guys from Newark. A said they were bragging who tight rashawn ass was…..and that he didn’t want to give it up so we took it……A said then where’s is Rashawn and C& D said Scattered around Brooklyn…….then walked off laughing………Once A was finish telling everything to B, a female passenger on the train…….Yelled at A and said its been 5 years since Rashawn’s been dead and now you decide to come forth and tell what really happened to. A said he did want to tell Rashawn Mother, but Rashawn begged him not to saying anything.
A then said he has a Gay cousin in Newark NJ, I will call him E.E said it’s was guys in Penn station Newark Bragging about what they did to a dude in Brooklyn. The Guys that be in the Shelters in NYC who hangout with them guys from Newark …..They no exactly what happened…….and Threaten to do the same to other young’s boys if they cant have they way with them.

#7 Reggie on 03.09.10 at 1:13 am


#8 John on 03.09.10 at 9:00 pm

@Reggie – You should consider going to the police with this, as the case is 5 years old and I’m sure any information will help!

#9 g. fortune on 07.13.10 at 9:51 am

to whom this may concern
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#10 Percy on 07.13.10 at 2:52 pm

@Reggie you such a little bitch .! I personally knows Rashawn AkA Shawn .! You Should’ve Put In The Info Once You Heard .!

#11 Troy on 11.06.10 at 5:23 pm

Because of your silence we spent endless amounts of time, tears and energy on something you could’ve helped in resolving years ago…Because of your silence and this now ‘revelation’ we get to re-live the moment we heard Rashawn Brazell was killed..Because of your choosing to put it out in a comments section using undisclosed names we are supposed to feel another certain way…Could we treat you the same way if this happened to you? Why did you leave your friend when he needed you the most. May his name and his last words to you stay with you forever.
I will never forget him or this and what you have done as one of the cruelest hurtful moments in my life.

#12 Desire Brazell on 02.25.11 at 1:30 pm

@Percy I would like to meet you since you knew my son if possible could you reach out to me thur my email address. Thank you

#13 Desire Brazell on 02.25.11 at 1:32 pm

@ Troy every dog has their day don’t worry I have closure we all will have closure you know why because when I say this am saying it as a fact I owned it every word.

#14 Michael on 02.01.12 at 4:17 am

Is there any updates on the case??? its terrible what they did to this young man :’(

#15 mario on 06.06.12 at 1:38 am

Are there any updates. ?? I sadden by this story and hope for the best