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Looking for a Few Good Men

Senator Larry Craig

Idaho Senator Larry Craig is looking for interns.  

Desperate Times?

Hillary Clinton

A few days ago I asked, is Hillary Clinton willing to fracture the Democratic Party to prevent Barack Obama from winning. Perhaps we have an answer.

Oh not again!

Ralph Nader

He’s at least partly responsible for the mess we’ve been in for the past 8 years.

Two Dozen Thoughts About Nothing in Particular

Sundays are boring without pro football.
But March Madness is right around the corner.
The NBA totally bores me.
The New York Knicks are a sorry excuse for a pro sports franchise.
I’ve actually seen several of the movies nominated for Oscars this year.
No Country for Old Men was electrifying.
There Will Be Blood was intense, but I think a bit overblown and overrated.
I may or may not watch the awards.
I’m growing anxious as The Wire winds down.
I’ve already watched this week’s episode on HBO on Demand and I’m saddened by what happens.
Sometimes I wish David Simon was a more traditional producer who wanted the show to last forever.
If he were, then Stringer Bell should have been kept alive and Marlo Stanfield should have been killed.
Stringer was a criminal with a larger vision. Marlo is a psychopath.
Why did George Bush go to Africa last week?
Lame duck presidents should not be allowed to travel or introduce new legislation.
Is Hillary Clinton willing to fracture the Democratic Party to prevent Barack Obama from winning?
Excited Obama supporters need to realize that John McCain can still be our next president. This is still America people.
I don’t like the use of Super Delegates. The Democratic Party should do away with the practice. My vote is just as important as these so-called VIPs.
I’m back on a treadmill to nowhere, professionally. Gainfully employed and bored to tears.
I need a creative outlet. Writing and completing a play is a priority this year.
So is developing a podcast.
I think this blog will focus more on the arts and culture around NYC.
Why do I and so many of my friends over 40 feel no great connection to a gay community?
There is so little going on in the community that appeals to who I am at this point in my life.

Who killed Rashawn Brazell?


Around 3:00 a.m. on February 17, 2005, New York City transit workers found two suspicious bags alongside the track at the Nostrand Avenue station in Brooklyn. They contained body parts of 19 year old Rashawn Brazell.

The first 72 hours of a murder investigation are the most important, police will tell you, because evidence is fresh, memories still vivid and odds are favorable that clues will result in someone’s arrest. Beyond that, the chances diminish precipitously.

It is now three years later and one of the most gruesome crimes New York City history remains unsolved. The trail is growing cold.

Someone, somewhere, knows something. Keep Rashawn’s memory alive and the hope for closure a possibility.

The case
Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund