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Off the Runway, On to the Real World

The glare of the reality tv spotlight has dimmed. Project Runway Season 3 is now history and for those who did not win its back to the real world.

For fan favorite and fourth place finisher Michael Knight, that means going home to Atlanta, where armed with a $10,000 check for being the fan favorite, he has now set about the task of establishing his own line, and where he may singlehandedly raise the profile of that citys burgeoning fashion industry. Hes already the best known designer down there, at any rate.

Since the show finished taping hes been a local celebrity in great demand. The Art Institute of Atlanta has launched a new bachelor of arts degree program in fashion and retail management, and Knight was the guest of honor at their gala reception. Everybody wants to interview him or just bask in his glow.

He has launched a new website, where among other things we see a new spelling of his name, Mychael. (It remains Michael in all the text, however.) Hes also coming out with a new fragrance soon as well as a line of mens and womens lingerie called Kitty & Dick. Nuff said.

Having made his mark designing for R&B and hip hop artists based in the ATL, it will be interesting to see which direction his career goes, since he has stated publicly his preference for living there as opposed to relocating to either NY or LA. Will his designs have appeal beyond the Dirty South and help to create a third fashion center? Or will the fashion police dictate that he move closer to the center of their universe in order to get any respect? Make it work, Michael.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Third Man Charged in the Michael Sandy death

Additional charges were handed down Wednesday in the suspected bias killing of Michael Sandy at a Brooklyn rest stop earlier this month. Sandy, 29, was beaten and then chased onto the Belt Parkway, where he was hit by a car.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office charged Anthony Fortunato, 20, making him the third man charged in the case.

Last week Ilya Shurov, 20, and John Fox, 19, received murder charges for the Oct. 8 attack. Sandy died five days later.

The three defendants are charged with numerous counts, including murder in the second degree as a hate crime and attempted robbery in the first degree as a hate crime. If convicted, they could serve 25 years to life in prison.

According to the DAs office, the indictment cites a ‘little-used’ hate crimes statute in state law that calls for bias charges when the defendant attacks someone based on the assumption of the victim’s race, gender or sexual orientation.

Charges are also being weighed against a fourth suspect, Gary Timmins, 16, according to the DA’s office.

Joe Nixon

The temperature in the race for U.S. Senate in Connecticut went up a few more degrees when Democratic candidate Ned Lamont compared three-term incumbent Joe Lieberman’s response to the Iraq war with that of former President Richard Nixon and his handling of the unpopular war in Vietnam.

Lamont won the party primary over Lieberman, who is trying to hold onto his seat by running as an independent. Lieberman publicly supported the decision to invade Iraq and has been one of President Bushs staunchest allies in Congress. That fact served to propel Lamonts campaign, which resonated with anti-war and anti-Bush voters. Because of Lieberman’s seniority in the Senate, nationally this race has been seen as a referendum on the Bush administration and a warning to candidates from both parties to move away from the president’s agenda.

In a commercial prepared especially for the Internet, Lamonts campaign juxtaposes images, video clips and quotes from both Lieberman and Nixon that are eerily similar in tone and rhetoric around the two wars.

Said Lamont, “Sen. Lieberman saying now, two weeks before an election, that he suddenly wants to end the war is as credible as Richard Nixon was almost 40 years ago.”

The two candidates held their final debate on Monday. Despite an early lead by Lamont, Lieberman has led in recent polls by 8 to 17 percentage points.

Line Readings

Reporter Andy Humm puts the Michael Sandy killing and New York States Hate Crimes Law in context.

Web publishers testify in court about the flaws in federal anti-pornography law.

Transgender activists win a settlement with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, allowing them to use public rest rooms in synch with their gender expression.

Men, do you want to father children? Then get off your cell phones. It may be affecting your sperm count.

Democrats are favored 2 to 1 over Republicans by independent voters in the November elections.

The Giants embarrassed the boys on Monday Night Football.

Isaiah Washingtons aggressive past comes to light in the wake of his fight on the set of Greys Anatomy.

In the blogosphere: Blabbeando covers the impact of anti-homophobia protests aimed at Jamaican dancehall artists and how they affect Jamaican musicians who perform other types of music.